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The MetaNutrition program based on the Metabolic Rate measurement.

You can be sure that by following the nutritional program provided by HGH Antiaging Clinic you will change your lifestyle, without the danger of going back to the original weight.
The HGH Antiaging Clinic nutrition plan can be followed throughout your life, since you will always eat what you are hungry for and what you like.

The HGH Antiaging Clinic specialists will make your monthly nutrition plan based on factors as:
Metabolic Rate variations
From season to season we will recommend the appropriate fruits and vegetables, the traditional Christmas foods and sweets, and during fasting periods we will recommend vegetarian foods.
The HGH Antiaging Clinic specialists will choose from a database of over 10.000 recipes from all over the world, from the Chinese, Mediterranean and French but also from the Romanian cuisine, to satisfy your most peculiar needs.
This means that if you like Chinese food, if you prefer having a burger on your lunch-break, if chocolate is a vice you just can’t quit, or even if you enjoy a good beer just before going to bed, you will still be able to enjoy them.