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Fat percentage & fitness level

"The Gold Standard" - Why Having an Accurate Body Fat Assessment is Important?

Chapter 1: Body Composition Evaluation: BodyTest


Why Having an Accurate Body Fat Assessment is Important?

Did you know that your diet and nutritional needs should be based on your lean body mass? Your lean body mass otherwise known as your LBM is a critical measurement when establishing a nutritional program for weight loss or muscle gain. This number determines your daily caloric intake to be consumed based on your basal metabolic rate.

About the test
The actual test only lasts a little over five minutes
The test will be carried out by a trained HGH Antiaging Clinic staff member
The procedure will be conducted in a private setting
You will need some type of bathing attire
Six page comprehensive analysis will be explained to you onsite
Universally considered to be the ‘Gold Standard’ in body composition testing

The BodyTest composition system measures the percentage of fat and the lean body mass in the body. This is done by measuring the amount of oxygen displaced by the body from the test chamber, which determines the body density. Since fat is less dense than lean tissue (muscles and bones), BodyTest can accurately measure the body weight and volume, as well as the lung capacity.

Chapter 2: Metabolic Rate Measurements – MRM


HGH Antiaging Clinic is now offering the "Gold Standard in Metabolic Testing "Metacheck"

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Testing your metabolic rate will determine exactly how many calories you will need to cut to lose weight. It will determine if your weight problem is due to your metabolism. Then do a retest to reveal if your metabolism has been affected by dieting, and exercise. Let HGH Antiaging Clinic help guide you to the new you.
Metabolic rate, or metabolism, is the rate at which the body expends energy. This is also referred to as the “caloric burn rate”. Knowing metabolic rate is vital for weight loss as well as for determining the proper feeding amounts needed to treat various disease states.
Energy expenditure can be divided into three groups of calories.
Resting Calories – Calories that are burned while the body is at rest. These calories are needed just to maintain life. The majority of all calories burned (about 70-80%) are burned at the resting level.
Activity Calories – Calories that are burned because of normal daily activities are “Activity Calories”. Normal daily activities such as walking, eating (digesting food), typing, etc. are included in activity calories.
Exercise Calories – These calories are burned because of exercise.
The sum of all of these groups of calories is the total metabolic rate.
Energy Balance
The body gains or loses fat based on energy balance. Energy balance refers to the relationship between energy intake (eating) and energy expenditure (metabolic rate).

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